Increase your affiliate earnings by 372% after an hour of work with the Volsor affiliate program with a payout for every lead.

Affiliate program Other Volsor
Amount of Generated Leads 1 000 1 000
Commission Confirmation Rate 5% 100%
Average Commission 500 Kč 92 Kč
Earnings 25 000 Kč 92 000 Kč

Payday loan search engine

Earn insane profits with our product.

Our product is a search engine for payday loans. Market our product with any promo tools you want and earn commissions for 100% of leads you bring. Any time a loan applicant fills out and sends a Volsor form, we record that as a lead. Your commission is instantly added to your balance the moment we receive the form. At the same time, we'll find the most advantageous loan for the applicant from a database of tens of credit companies.

11% of adults use payday loans every month. That makes Volsor one of the most desired affiliate products up to date and due to the commission rates it's also almost a gold mine for our affiliates.

🇨🇿 Czech Republic
up to 12 000 applicants per day
🇵🇱 Poland
up to 53 000 applicants per day
🇪🇸 Spain
up to 79 000 applicants per day

Countries Where We Buy Leads

Affiliate Commissions

🇨🇿 Czech Republic
🇵🇱 Poland
🇪🇸 Spain
Tier Quality Commission Average Assign Rate
Tier 1 Premium lead 300 Kč (10.8 €) 17 %
Tier 2 Top Quality Lead 100 Kč (3.6 €) 29 %
Tier 3 Average Quality Lead 50 Kč (1.8 €) 20 %
Tier 4 Low Quality Lead 10 Kč (0.35 €) 18 %
Tier 5 Unusable Lead 1 Kč (0.035 €) 16 %
Tier Quality Commission Average Assign Rate
Tier 1 Premium lead 45 Zł (10.8 €) 6 %
Tier 2 Top Quality Lead 15 Zł (3.6 €) 11 %
Tier 3 Average Quality Lead 7.5 Zł (1.8 €) 14 %
Tier 4 Low Quality Lead 2.55 Zł (0.6 €) 45 %
Tier 5 Unusable Lead 1.7 Zł (0.4 €) 24 %
Tier Quality Commission Average Assign Rate
Tier 1 Premium lead 10.8 € 6 %
Tier 2 Top Quality Lead 3.6 € 11 %
Tier 3 Average Quality Lead 1.8 € 14 %
Tier 4 Low Quality Lead 0.35 € 45 %
Tier 5 Unusable Lead 0.035 € 24 %

We're paying 5 different commissions for each lead you generate based on its quality. Lead quality is determined by scoring in real time. Our algorithm quickly and automatically checks the lead out in over 12 000 online registries, databases and other sources. Based on the result, the lead is assigned to one of 5 Tiers and you receive your corresponding commission immediately.

How It Works

(SEO, PPC, e-mails, etc.)
Our website Your website
(Via API or iframe form)
(Looking for fake leads and other fraudulent activity)
(Leads quality evaluation)
Premium lead
Tier 1: 300 Kč
Top Quality Lead
Tier 2: 100 Kč
Average Quality Lead
Tier 3: 50 Kč
Low Quality Lead
Tier 4: 10 Kč
Unusable Lead
Tier 5: 1 Kč
Commissions immediately appear on your affiliate account
Lead Generation

Marketing Tools

Your success is imperative because it also means our success.

We continuously develop new marketing tools and procedures to maximize your conversion rates and profits. What's more, our affiliates can use these tools completely free of charge.


Just insert an iframe code of the Volsor form on your website.

Volsor form

Our Websites

Direct visitors to one of 13 websites with high conversion rates using your unique affiliate ID.

Our Websites

Other – API, Call Centers, Banners, E-Mail Templates

We provide additional options you can use for bringing leads to our doorstep. You can see all of them in the "Marketing Tools" tab after you log in to your account.

Our Websites

Credit Companies

Get a never ending stream of clients for your business.

Volsor represents one of the most cost effective ways to get top quality clients interested in your services. You will no longer have to pay for expensive advertisement and a vast team of marketers – we'll bring clients directly to you. Take advantage of.

1. Free test of our leads
2. Determination of cost per lead
3. Integration into your system
Filtering Options

Filtering Options

You can decide the criteria determining which clients you want to accept. Apart from the regular ones like occupation, salary, region or age, you can choose from many other to make sure you receive only highly relevant clients.

Client Database Remarketing

Client Database Remarketing

Do you have a database of previous or rejected clients? We're standing by to help you make money from it. Get paid for each and every lead.

Our Partners

For added convenience, we are fully integrated with CreditOnline software and EUCB


Our Team

Affiliate program. Loan search engine. First rate clients.

We believe that as a team, we're maximizing benefits for all three parties involved – loan applicants, affiliates and credit companies and that we have a service that's very hard to reject.


For Applicants:

We find them the best loaning option within seconds.


For Affiliates:

We're continuously trying to increase their revenue.


For Creditors:

We deliver top quality clients and save them a lot of work.

Mission: We aim to become the most profitable affiliate program on the planet.

Team Values.

The "WOW" effect in everything we do

The "WOW" effect in everything we do

We keep our word

We keep our word

Our work is effective

Our work is effective

We love our job

We love our job



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